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Weight Loss Basics - This area contains the main basics of weight loss and will help you lose fat to look better, feel better, and live a healthier life.
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Calorie Counter - For males and females to work out their calorie intake.
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Nutrition & Exercise - Articles on benefits of nutrition and exercise, also contains a table documenting calories burned per hour with different types of exercise.
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Ideal Body Weight - Calculator to give you an idea of your ideal body weight in relation to your height and frame, also contains a BMI calculator (calculates body fat according to the relationship of weight and height).
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Different Diet Types - Pros and cons of high protein, high carb/low fat, moderate carb protein & fat and body typing diets.
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Dieting Tips - Details 4 simple steps to weight loss.
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Supplements - What to try and what to avoid.
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Motivation - Key motivation for weight loss & exercise.
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Weight Loss Links - Links to other useful sites.
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